Kevin Coleman – Associate Pastor

Where did you grow up?                                                                                                                                                                                                Kevin and Erin
I spent all of my formative years right here in Katy, Texas. While I was born and have lived elsewhere, I consider Katy to be my hometown.

When did you start following Christ?
My journey began at a young age, but I really began to grasp the weight of following Jesus around age 14.

What is your education?
B.A. in Christian Studies – Double Major in Philosophy and Biblical Studies
Currently pursuing an Adv. M.Div from Southern Seminary

Married to my wonderful wife Erin. We currently do not have children, so we are way too into our white-lab Wendell.

What kind of work have you done?
HEB Cashier, Law-Firm Intern, College Admissions Counseler, Technology Coordinator, Apartment Manager, Photographer, and Pastor.

Name something interesting about yourself:
In a previous pastorate, Erin and I lived in a parsonage that was in the middle of the church’s parking lot! Our backyard was a median.

Some of my Favorite Movies:
Neither my wife nor I are big movie people. Nevertheless, you’d catch us watching documentaries, animated movies, and the occasional rom-com.

Some of my Favorite Music:
Bon Iver, Noah James, The Modern Post, Jon Foreman, Josh Garrels, Andy Mineo, and Sam Cooke to name a few.

Some of my Heroes:
Obviously Jesus is the one whom all believers strive to be like.

But people like – Wendell Berry (yes, our dog is named after him), MLK Jr., C.S. Lewis and many others have helped to flesh out what it means to faithfully follow Him today.

TV I can’t miss:
We’re not very big T.V. people, but you’d find us watching House, New Girl, and The Office on Netflix.

Favorite Scripture:
2 Corinthians 5:13-21


First Time

We are glad you are joining us this Sunday

Here are some key things you might want to know:

  • We meet at Woodcreek Jr High School at 10:30am every Sunday.
    1801 Woodcreek Bend Lane, 77494  
    That’s just one mile west of the Katy Mills Mall. Parking is located off of Woodcreek Bend Lane. Just follow the signs.
  • Our Greeters will welcome you.
    We want you to know we are glad you are here. They will show you where to get coffee, information, and check in the kids to Kids Connection.
  • Our Nursery and Kids Connection are safe, secure and a lot of fun. You will check-in at the Kids Check-In table. Babies and toddlers go to the Nursery. School aged kids start the service with all the rest of us.
  • We are a casual, contemporary, multi-ethnic people on a journey of faith together – so come as you are and bring friends and family without worry.
    We come from many different denominations, beliefs and cultures. You are welcome here no matter what.
  • Music will be exciting : our band plays variety of styles. We come from 6 different countries and languages. And, there’s always room for more!
  • Teachings will be interesting and practical. We try to keep it simple so that no matter where you are on your faith journey, you can understand and learn.
    We teach principles from the Bible and focus on Jesus’ example of love, forgiveness and grace.

Come try us out for 3 weeks and I think you will agreethis is a THE place to learn how to “Love God & Serve our City!”

For more information please email us or give me a call at 713-705-4878 Pastor Tim

Tell us about your Creekside experience:


Connecting Adults

You can locate a group through our list of groups or Group Map.   Email us at: or call Pastor Angelo: 832-265-0931

What are Life Groups?
They are small groups of 6-16 adults that meet weekly for fellowship and to study the Bible together.  This comes from the Bible where the early church met not only in the Temple (a large group) but also in people’s homes (small groups) in Act. 5:42. We believe the LifeGroup is the best place for spiritual growth, because you get to learn together with others on a faith journey.

Groups are “Safe”You won’t be put on the spot, asked to pray out loud (unless you want to), or read out loud.  And you don’t have to have any prior Bible knowledge.  In fact, Groups are the best place to learn.  They aren’t “encounter” groups where everyone cries, or meditation groups where everyone chants or burns incense and sit cross-legged.

Can I just try a Life Group?
You can try one or more groups any time. When you find a Group that “fits” join it so you can benefit from the friendships and relationships that develop.

What to expect if you try a Home Life Group
It’s a casual atmosphere.   The Bible study topics are practical, down to earth, focusing on what God says about life issues we all face. That makes it easy to join in the discussion even if you don’t have much, or any Bible background.  You’ll have a chance to share prayer requests,  but no one is put on the spot to pray or read out loud.  Most home groups run 90 minutes, with some fellowship and snacks before and after.  Home groups have the advantage of more time, a more casual setting, and a variety of nights and locations.

When Do Life groups start?
Groups are based on 3 semesters per year: Feb – April, June – Aug, & Oct – December. We take a month off in between to allow everyone to choose a new group, if they wish, or sign up again for their current group. Topics also change each semester. Ask us about hosting your own Life Group at your home.

What Do the Life Groups Study?
Groups often study the Bible based on the sermon from the previous Sunday. There are also groups for beginners, like Starting Point; more advanced discussions, like Doctrines & the Gospel Centered Life; and there is a Following Jesus study of spiritual disciplines and practices. All the studies are designed for small groups to learn together and discuss. Most studies are 12 weeks in length which includes some “party” time as well.

What If My Schedule Means I’ll Miss From Time to Time?
We understand that sometimes you have business or other schedule conflicts that will mean you miss a week.  What was your boss thinking?  Seriously, if you do miss, the studies are easy to pick up on the following week.

How do you decide who’s in which group?
Three times a year everyone can sign up for a group. Most LifeGroups are open to anyone at any stage of life. We believe a mixture of ages, genders, and stages of life add to the practicality of these groups. We are, after all, a “body of Christ” not just parts. There may be times when specific ages or genders are appropriate, and we are open to those as well.

Is There a Cost?
Some studies have a participant book that usually runs $5-$15.  Often a couple can share a book.  If that’s the case, you will get your book from your leader/host at your first group session.

What About Child Care?
Most LifeGroups have childcare available upon request. The kids are cared for my trained, screened, teens from Creekside. We suggest a donation of $5 for the evening, though they are paid by Creekside Community Church.

What About My Child or Teenager?  Do they have Life Groups?
Both children and teenagers have LifeGroups on Sunday mornings after the music and announcements. They learn the Truth of God’s Word in age appropriate ways, and also learn how to Love God and Serve the community.


Connect Youth to Faith

Helping those who cannot help themselves

Helping those who cannot help themselves

youth_web banner

Youth LifeGroup  

This is not your typical group of teenagers. Here everyone is led to serve the community. Here everyone is accepted and each one is encouraged to build relationships. Here they will study the Truth of God’s Word in a practical and interactive environment. All questions are welcome. You’ve never seen a group like this before! Meeting Sunday mornings right after the music announcements.



(All workers are required to have a state background check prior to working with anyone under the age of 18. There is a CPR certified person available at all meetings. You can count on safety and security at all times.)


Our Vision

Our Vision:

To be a multi-ethnic, cross-cultural church that unchurched, de-churched, skeptical and seeking people from any walk of life will love to be a part of.serve9

Our Mission:

To lead people to grow in their relationship to God, to others and to the world through Jesus Christ.


We do this by living out our core values of:

  1. Seeing people that others might not see, and intentionally building relationships with them.
  2. Serving God and the community in tangible ways.
  3. Sharing the story of God’s love through the Bible and the stories of God’s work in one another.

Tim Douglas – Lead Pastor

Douglas, Tim-034 (1)
Where did you grow up?
Las Vegas, Oklahoma, Indiana, Wisconsin & Kansas

When did you start following Christ?
age 11, but I didn’t really “get it”until about 15
called to ministry at 16, licensed by my church in 1984

What is your education?
B.A. in Theology
Masters of Divinity in Biblical Languages & Religious Education

Single father of three children Kyle, Reagan & Jami

What kind of work have you done?
DQ Waiter, Grocery Sacker, Salesman, Piano Store Manager, Piano Teacher, Musician, Construction Worker, Wedding Minister and Pastor

Name something interesting about yourself:IMG_0135
I like to work on old cars, especially Saabs
I’ve been a pastor since I was 19 years old

Some of my Favorite Movies:
Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Star Trek, Blazing Saddles (I know, not too pastoral), Holy Grail

Some of my Favorite Music:
Tommy Walker, Neil Diamond, Petra, Toby Mac

Some of my Heroes:
Jesus (of course), my dad, Jim Elliot, Hudson Taylor, Ronald Reagan, Martin Luther King

TV I can’t miss:
Stargate SG1 & Atlantis, Biggest Loser, Survivor

Favorite Scripture:
Philipians 3:10-11 Contemporary English Version


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